Kondex’s Packaging Solutions.

At Kondex, we can do more than make your product – we can make it delivery ready.

Kondex’s extensive packaging capabilities showcase the many reasons we are considered a “Quality Partner from Start to Finish.” Those capabilities include boxing, labeling and kitting of products to meet our customer demands.

For the convenience of our customers, Kondex constantly seeks to provide a variety of state-of-the-art materials used to package, dress, and treat our manufactured goods.  Our packaging and labeling capabilities include:

Boxing - Kondex continually provides its customers with a variety of options and choices. We offer a multitude of packaging materials including bags, bubble wrap, plastic clamshells, and corrugated sheathing. For the convenience of our customers, kitting, standard packaging, or bulk packaging services are also available.  

Branded Packaging - In addition to the various packaging materials, we also have the ability to provide custom branded chipboard and cardboard boxes.  Packaging materials that are branded reinforce the quality and integrity of our customer’s product and it differentiates them from the competition.  

Labeling - Not only does Kondex provide branded boxes and packages, we also supply printed labels that meet needs and requirements of each customer. We offer these labels variously sized, pre-printed with color, bar coded, AIAG and/or featured with your company’s logo.

Make your product “delivery-ready” with Kondex!