Kondex is pleased to announce it has added Stalk Claw corn head chopping knives to its aftermarket product offering. These patented rotating knives feature our proprietary laser cladding additive that controls how the blade edge wears, and in doing so, maintains product performance longer. The Stalk Claw self-sharpens as it’s used, due to the laser cladding pushing wear to the spaces between the cladding. Because this cutting edge remains sharp, Stalk Claw blades offer greater efficiency and fuel savings over traditional blades that become dull quickly and subsequently cut poorly. Our laser cladding is applied to both cutting edges of the knife to deliver optimal performance on the initially used side and flipped side.

Stalk Claw Benefits:

•    Reduces horsepower needed to cut the crop
•    Greater efficiency and fuel savings
•    Maintained cutting performance
•    Patented, stay-sharp design
•    Extended blade life
•    Reversible knife

(Top): A worn traditional stalk chopper knife incurs significant material loss
and blade dulling despite its high-wear coating
(Bottom): A worn Stalk Claw blade reveals its controlled wear pattern that
​​​​​​​induces serrations to the knife edge, enabling a more efficient cut


Product Details:

Part No. Replacement For Pack Qty Fits Makes/Models
D00-075 HXE36504 2 pcs John Deere 600 Series StalkMaster Corn Head
John Deere 700 Series StalkMaster Corn Head
John Deere C Series StalkMaster Corn Head
D00-076 506085 2 pcs Geringhoff NorthStar Horizon Series Corn Head
D00-077 DR12300 2 pcs Drago Legacy Corn Head
Drago Series I Corn Head
Drago Series II Corn Head
D00-078 DR20122
1AC0053BM1 - 240mm
2 pcs Drago GT Series (Single Chop) Corn Head


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