Advanced Welding, Superior Quality

Count on the reliability and efficiency of our many weld operations to deliver an expertly crafted finished product. Focusing on your product goals, we have the right equipment to streamline the fabrication process and produce superior quality welds.

Robotic Welding

Gain high-efficient output, consistency, and superior quality from our multi-axis, multi-station robotic weld operations.

Kondex utilizes robotic welding for nearly all its production welds. While we employ some of the best welders in the business, the consistency and accuracy of robotic welding is second-to-none.

Quality isn’t the only important measurable with welded components. On-time delivery is also critical, which is why our robotic weld stations are equipped for optimal efficiency. We have the capacity to simultaneously prep and produce welded products with minimal downtime. Our robotic welding is a showcase in productivity, and a competitive advantage for your projects.

We can help with:

  • Prototypes
  • Field testing
  • Production welding
  • Metallurgical & QC examination

Manual Welding

Our highly trained, qualified welders perform MIG (GMAW) and TIG (GTAW) welding from pulse-powered welders.

For select products or prototypes, manual welding is preferred to robotic welding. In the case of prototypes, manual welding offers a cost-effective solution before creating production fixtures for robotic welding.

Kondex offers both MIG and TIG manual welding operations, which utilize pulse power to ensure deposition is consistent and the heat-affected zone is minimized. All Kondex weld operators are certified and highly trained in their craft.

Quality Control

All welds are 100% visually inspected and verified against dimensional tolerances. Kondex performs metallurgical destructive testing as specified by customers and routinely examines weld coupons for accuracy and weld penetration.

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