Kondex Uses Standardized Wear Testing for Product Improvement and New Product Development:

Today’s business strategies rely on continuous improvement methods for product improvements and new product development.

Since Kondex produces engineered wear components for its OEM customers, it makes sense a lot of research and development work goes into improving the wear resistance of these components using improved materials and coatings. One of the tools Kondex uses to test these components is the ASTM G65 standardized wear testing machine.

As shown in Figure 1, the ASTM G65 appears to be a fairly simple mechanism – which in this case is a good thing. The machine itself controls most of the variables, thus repeatability and reproducibility are consistent.

ASTM G65-04(2010) “Standard Test Method for Measuring Abrasion Using the Dry Sand/Rubber Wheel Apparatus”

Figure 1. ASTM G65 is a standardized wear test during which an abrasive material (purified silica sand) is introduced between the specimen and a rotating rubber wheel in order to subject the specimen to constant wear as the abrasive is pulled between the rubber surface and the surface of the specimen. The specimen is held in contact with the rubber wheel under a constant load and the sand flows at a constant rate. The value of this test lies in its ability to rank the relative wear resistance of materials by comparing the volume lost during testing.

Actual field testing of machine components subjected to abrasive wear is the preferred method of qualifying materials and coatings, but field testing of multiple samples is usually not practical due to the complexity of the testing and the relatively long testing period. Abrasive wear testing of multiple samples and ranking the relative wear resistance is where G65 testing excels. In a matter of a few days, meaningful volume loss data can be utilized for comparisons in the product improvement/development decision making process.

We do not manufacture this abrasive wear test machine, rather it is used internally at Kondex Corporation and is available to our customers. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with one of your product improvement or development projects.